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Zaid bin Arqam (RA) reports that the Companions of Rasulullah (SAW) asked him: “O Prophet, what is this sacrifice?”

He said: “It is the way of your forefather Ibrahim.”

They asked: “What is for us therein?”

He replied: “There is a reward for every hair.”

They asked: “For the wool, Ya Rasulullah?”

He replied: “There is one reward for every strand of wool.”

Udhiyah (also referred to as Qurbani) marks the end of Hajj (pilgrimage), and is a time to reflect upon the significance of sacrifice with the Islamic tradition. Muslims observe Udhiyah/Qurbani by sharing meat with the less fortunate.

Islamic Relief also takes Aqiqah donations. However, the actual sacrifice is completed during Qurbani season. Contact us for more information.

Your Qurbani can help save lives.

Alhamdulillah, Since 1986 Islamic Relief has been fostering the needs of the world’s poorest people through the implementation of Qurbani on behalf of its generous supporters.

Having performed 670 Qurbanis in our first year, last year with your love and support, over 2.1 million people from 30 different countries received fresh and quality Qurbani meat.

We make sure the most impoverished people receive the best Qurbani we can provide them. We select only the healthiest animals, ensuring high quality meat for those whose diets lack so much.

As well as delivering in towns and cities, we also provide Qurbani in remote, rural areas that some charities find hard to reach, where communities hardly ever receive support. It may cost us a little more, but we hope you’ll agree that it’s the poorest people who need our help most. We try to help the most vulnerable people first – women, children, the elderly, and refugees of war and disaster are always our priority.

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