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How you can give back this Ramadan

The reward of a good deed this month is multiplied.

Generosity is a big theme this month. Reflecting on what we have and how much we actually need is what refreshes our soul and imaan. After praying, the least we can do to help those in need is to donate.

Ask your guests to bring a small donation.

In Ramadan, iftar parties are quite common. Why not host an iftar with friends and family and request them to bring a small donation for a great cause funded by Islamic Relief? You could fundraise for Syria, Palestine, Myanmar, Orphans… anything and everything will be rewarding inshaAllah (God willing).

Contact us for more information.

Fundraise using our online platform.

You can easily start a page online for a great cause and get family and friends donating straight onto our Crowdfundraising platform. That page is your domain. Share it with everyone and make it go viral. When others donate thanks on your page, you get the ajr (reward) as well!

Give back to your community.

Islamic Relief Canada is always looking for volunteers. Whether it be for in-office help or assistance at masjid collections, we welcome all volunteers with a passion of giving their all for great causes.

Ramadan Recap – 2014

0 food packs delivered
0 people fed
0 hygiene kits in Palestine
0 countries helped
0 Syrians helped
0 children clothed

You have the power to change lives.

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