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Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this (two fingers close together).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

153 million.

That’s number of orphans worldwide. That’s 153 million children without one or both parents to give them a home, safety and, most importantly, love.

For many orphans, the threat of poverty is constant: where will the next meal come from? Where are we going to live? If we get sick and can’t afford medicine? Will we survive?

And if they make it through this childhood of hunger, poverty and insecurity, they have little hope for a better life. Without an education and the tools to support themselves, there is small chance of a brighter future ahead.

Islamic Relief sponsors over 50,000 children around the world. From just $50 a month… will you join us?

Your sponsorship provides the child with


Health & Nutrition

Safe Shelter

Fresh Water

Frequently Asked Questions

It could mean the world.

Your support will ensure that they have a roof over their head, and food on their plates. It will send them to school with books and stationery, and provide healthcare, vaccinations and medicine when they get ill.

We don’t just take care of their physical wellbeing – these children deserve to be safe and happy too. Your sponsorship will mean they receive Eid presents and attend summer camps, sports classes and fun day trips. A social worker will visit regularly to ensure their home is safe and loving.

In other words, when you sponsor an orphan, you’re not just giving a gift… you’re giving them an entire childhood.

Islamic Relief ensures a brighter future for children.

While orphans are some of the most vulnerable young people around the world, every child living in poverty or conflict is at risk – of poor healthcare, lack of clean water and food, or not getting the education that is so vital to building a brighter future.

Many find themselves in dangerous situations just to survive – working long hours in dangerous, illegal and underpaid child labour, even having to sell themselves. Parents are forced to marry their children off young, not because they want to, but simply so that they will have someone to take care of and provide for them.

We want to protect children. We work to take them out of child labour, enrolling them in education and helping their parents earn a living so the family can get by. We build safe villages for children, making sure health centres, schools and water systems are up and running. We support entire families, because it’s impossible to help a child without helping their families too.

Right away.

Once you sign up online, you will be paired up with an orphan in need, allowing for a one-on-one relationship to be established. Sponsors are able to communicate with their orphan(s) via letters or phone calls and can send monetary gifts for special occasions.

For only $50, $60, or $75 a month, you will be providing your orphan with the basic necessities and emotional support that he or she requires. You will receive details about the child you are sponsoring as well as a photograph and an annual progress report outlining how your contribution is impacting the child’s life.

Further information of the process is outlined below.

What if you can’t commit to a sponsorship?

Not a problem. Through our Orphan General Fund, we are able to help more than one orphan. The donations are used for projects that benefit orphans, their families and their communities. These projects focus on education, health, social welfare, sports and leisure activities. Regular donations of any amount can make a considerable difference in the services we provide to orphans and their families.

Sponsor an Orphan Today

Important note: Islamic Relief seeks to match you with an orphan who is eligible for sponsorship in the country you have designated. Sometimes changes in political or legal climates, or in the child’s eligibility, may impact the sponsorship. In these cases, we will attempt to find another eligible child in the country you have specified; if that is not possible, we will provide you with options for orphan sponsorship in a different country. We will keep you informed if this situation occurs.

1-855-377-HOPE (4673)

Group A

$ 50
per month
  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Chechnya
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • India
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Somalia
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia
  • Yemen
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Group B

$ 60
per month
  • Albania
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
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Group C

$ 75
per month
  • Bosnia - Herzegovina
  • Jordan
  • Kosovo
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine Gaza
  • Palestine West Bank
  • Syria
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