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It is generous donors like yourself that have the power to change lives.

A simple $50/month can drastically change the life of a young orphan, living in the slums or in refugee camps with scarce food and supplies. Your sponsorship is more than just a donation. It means fresh food for families. It means water and shelter. It means getting children educated. It means more lives changed. It means more lives saved.

Read our success stories to see how your kindness has transformed the lives of orphans around the world.

Meet Our Orphans

IndonesiaMukhsin is a 15-year-old boy of Marzuki and Nurhasani, both deceased. His whole family died during the tsunami disaster, which devastated Aceh at the end of 2004. Before the tragedy, he lived with his parents and younger brother in a village by the Aceh west coast, a region which generally has considerably populated spots directly facing the Indian Ocean. Not like many other kids, who can enjoy a normal life surrounded by other family members, Mukhsin is now alone to continue the family line.

The tsunami tragedy and his family’s passing had left young Mukhsin deeply traumatized. He used to despise the beach and sounds made by the surfs, which he believed had taken the lives of his dearest ones. “I used to fear the view of the shore, reminding me of my departed parents. But not anymore now. I, now, understand that this is the way my life has led me to,” says Mukhsin, smiling. Indeed, days have passed and the joy, which once faltered, has resurfaced in the inner self of the young man, who keeps seeking ways to reach his dreams.

Islamic Relief and Mukhsin:

Education remains a priority to Mukhsin, despite his activities assisting his uncle. He has just finished junior high school. Following the notification of his graduation, he now is preparing things for entering a senior high school. In that matter, he feels quite grateful to God because of his capable financial situation due to the sponsorship fund he receives from his foster parent. He is planning to acquire all necessary school gears: school uniforms, bag, shoes, etc. He comments, “I feel blessed, endowed with assurance of continuing school. Thanks to my foster parent’s assistance. Without it, I wouldn’t have a vague idea of how to afford it.”

Mukshin’s Aspirations:

Mukhsin dreams of becoming a teacher some day. He wishes to serve the nation’s children and to have them developed as hopeful and educated later generation. He rests himself to praying to Allah and establishing a good will, and trust on hard work. He believes that his determination will eventually result in success

BosniaAdvija is a 12 year-old girl, who is highly praised for being an excellent student. She lives with her older sister and mother in really modest unfinished house. Sadly, their living conditions are very bad. Before the Bosnian war, Advija and her family lived in a place called Cifluk, where they led a satisfactory life. After the war, however, her father reluctantly took a loan to build a house in a small village called Banovici. Unfortunately, in 2009, Advija’s father died of a heart attack, which left her entire family shocked. Advija’s mother could not afford the necessities for her two daughters, let alone pay the loan.

Despite the various atrocities faced by Advija’s family, her mother remained optimistic and found a job in a kitchen for a local restaurant. She works as a cleaner, but still struggles to make ends meet, as her salary is not high. The house in which they live is in substandard condition. They have water (but not hot water) and electricity, but humidity is everywhere, and quite often they don’t have money to pay their bills.

Islamic Relief intervened, and this is what Advija’s mother had to say:

“There is no doubt that IR helped us a lot. Especially for Advija education. I thought that my daughters will not have a chance for education, but thanks God and good people they will finish the school and get some job in sha Allah. I have no real family to help me, but I take IR as my close family. I know that I can call them no matter what, and they will do the best to help me. The words are not enough; I hope one day I will have a chance to meet the donor, and thank him in person. I only can pray for him and his family. May Allah reward them for their good deeds; it is more precious than anything else.”


Samiullah is no ordinary child. Not because he lost his left leg in an accident. More so because he continues to run, walk, go to school and play like any other child. Living in a poor slum quarter on the outskirts of suburban Bangalore, Sami is grit epitomized. Walking one metre tall, with just one leg, he amazes everyone with his agility.

Sami is enrolled in our one-to-one Sponsorship program. He lives in a one room hutment in one of the poorest localities of Bangalore – Shikaripallya, ironically right behind one of the most happening places in the IT Capital of India, E-City. He attends Class 2 in a local Government School and loves to play carom board. Though his area offers little recreation as a slum colony, Sami is a cheerful kid.

Sami lives with his mother and three elder sisters, two of whom attend school. His mother rolls Agarbatti (Incense Sticks) and earns a pittance of Rs. 800 (roughly $25) per month, with which she has to sustain this family of five. One of his elder sisters, Shaheena, also had to drop out of school and works as a domestic help to earn an extra income for the household. Seven years ago, Sami’s father died by consuming illicit country liquor, one of the evils haunting the poor labour class, leaving behind his mother with four kids to look after.

Islamic Relief India takes cared of almost 200 sponsored orphans in Bangalore City alone, and Sami is one of them. Thanks to your kind donations, Sami is able to get an education, receive regular health checkups, and have enough food to feed him and his family.

You have the power to change lives just like Sami’s.