More than 41,070,900 people live in Kenya
50% of the people in Kenya live below the poverty line
40%% of the population is unemployed

(Source: U.S. government)

About The Situation

Extended periods of drought have plagued Kenya for years, affecting the food supply and economy. According to the World Food Programme, recent rain seasons have helped alleviate food strains in the region, but with an impending La Nina weather pattern approaching, any improvements that have been made may be reversed.

Concomitant with food insecurity is high levels of malnutrition. Kenyan children, mothers and elderly are particularly susceptible to hunger-related illnesses and even death.

Staggering inflation rates and a lack of economic development have further stifled the country’s progress and have kept its people in poverty.

How Islamic Relief is helping

Islamic Relief has been working in Kenya since 1993, when it initiated an orphan sponsorship program to provide many of Kenya’s children with opportunities for a brighter future. Islamic Relief registered an office in the region more than a decade later, in 2006, to maintain that program and to implement projects that would help alleviate food shortages caused by drought.

Kenya is one of several African countries supported by IR’s Africa Food Crisis campaign. IR has also been providing vital emergency assistance in Kenya during the 2011 drought—considered the worst drought to hit East Africa in 60 years.

IR continues to support development projects in Kenya; Islamic Relief supports:

  • Orphan support programs.
  • Ramadan food distribution.
  • Udhiyah/Qurbani meat distribution campaigns in the region.
  • Food distribution in Wajir.



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