Director of Communications

Islamic Relief Canada is looking to recruit a Director of Communication to lead the Communication Department. In close cooperation with the other parts of the organization, the Communication Department develops IRC’s branding and marketing strategy. The department helps the entire IRC family to convey key messages consistently and coherently to individuals and to the humanitarian and development community. The department provides the various IRC stakeholders with access to adequate, timely and high quality material and resources to bolster their ability to convey advocacy and fund-raising messages through visual media, publications, campaigns and websites.

Status: Full-time, Permanent

Location: Burlington, ON

Department: Communications

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Organizational Leadership

  • Provide strategic organizational leadership, inspiration and guidance to ensure that overall IRC objectives are achieved
  • Lead and strengthen IRC’s relations with the wider humanitarian and development community to consolidate and develop the visibility and image of the organization
  • Lead on communication and cooperation processes between the different parts of the IRC family to ensure maximum impact of the organization’s work
  • Lead on the development, implementation and regular review of the department’s strategy, work plans, and systems to achieve the agreed upon departmental objectives
  • Ensure IRC has, and adheres to, a clear and distinct communication, branding and marketing strategy

Strategy and Planning

  • Contribute to organization-wide decision-making and continuous learning, change and improvement processes
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the overall organizational strategy, key policies and primary processes
  • Lead and strengthen IRC’s visibility, image, influence and external relations by actively engaging with the wider humanitarian and development community


  • Lead the development and utilization of a consistent, coherent, meaningful and positive IRC image and set of core policy and advocacy messages
  • Strengthen the messages, profile and recognition of IRC and information on its activities through proactive communications and engagement
  • Lead on and coordinate IRC’s high level engagements, external relations and advocacy work
  • Speak at and learn from conferences and other public forums
  • Represent IRC and engage meaningfully with institutional donor agencies, umbrella organizations, networks and other key stake holders
  • Oversee the development of a well-coordinated organizational communication system
  • Oversee the development of and ensuring the utilization of improved systems for archiving, reporting and sharing of information

Department Management

  • Lead on the development, implementation and regular review of the department’s strategy, work plans, and systems that ensure the following:
    • Departmental objectives are monitored and achieved on the basis of KPIs;
    • The efficient planning and management of the department’s work;
    • The department is appropriately staffed to achieve the departmental objectives.
    • That the department continuously analyses and adapts to the risks and opportunities posed by both internal and external changing environments;
    • Timely and efficient departmental decision-making;
    • Sound financial and resource management;
    • An efficient and effective surge capacity of the wider organization that ensure IRC’s timely and effective response to humanitarian disasters;
    • Assure the quality of programmes and services;
    • Active and continuous monitoring, evaluating, learning and benchmarking within the department;
    • The development and utilization of partnerships, networks, institutional relations and funding opportunities;
    • The Partners and field structure are supported consistently and adequately, and are able to fully utilize IRC’s strategic guidance and technical support;
    • That all reporting requirements and obligations are met;
  • To ensure that the Communication Department is:
    • Utilizing good practice which is in line with all relevant legislation which in turn leads to recognition from outside bodies;
    • In line with Partner, donor and field structure needs and requirements;
    • Developed and managed in a way that minimizes organizational risk;
    • In line with the broader organizational strategy;
    • In line with the various codes of conduct that IRC is committed to;
    • Effectively and efficiently coordinated internally and externally;
    • Regularly reviewed, updated and learned from;
  • Staff Management
    • Managing issues of employee relations in coordination with the Personnel Department;
    • Effectively line managing department managers in the department;
    • Developing and maintaining a learning-conducive environment within the department;
    • Monitoring and improving staff performance through regular one-to-one and departmental meetings; periodic reviews and appraisals; and the development and enforcement of staff learning/development plans;
    • Leading, facilitating and encouraging team work and departmental communication;
    • Ensuring that staff, volunteers and consultants operate in a safe and healthy work environment.



Essential Skills and Knowledge

  • Experience of developing and establishing strategies and work plans which help to deliver the wider organizational objectives
  • Strong financial and resource management which enables strategic goals to be achieved within budgetary constraints
  • Demonstrated skills in networking which lead to positive relationships with external bodies
  • Ability to guide staff development towards achieving key performance indicators and organizational strategy
  • A strong understanding of how to build, guide and motivate teams that have a clear innovative direction as well as working collaboratively as part of a high performing senior team
  • Sound communication skills which delivers complex information persuasively and with clarity in a wide range of situations
  • Proven ability to report on recommendations which have been draw from sound analysis of available data
  • To work in a way which always considers the organizations long term vision whilst maintaining an overview of its immediate situation
  • A well-established understanding of international development and humanitarian work, with a proven track record in initiating and maintaining successful global and local partnerships and relationships
  • Proven ability in public speaking and all other aspects of communication and marketing
  • Proven track record in using up to date communications technology (i.e. multimedia, digital, publishing, public relations etc)
  • Demonstrates the flexibility and energy that is required for a dynamic communications and marketing division


  • Educated to degree level or equivalent
  • Evidence of Continued Professional Development relevant to the role purpose and level
  • Must be eligible to work in Canada